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One Year Anniversary Greetings From Our Senior Instructor, Bill Witt Shihan

Today is December 14th. It is a particularly significant day for all of us, since it is O-Sensei's birthday. It is also the first anniversary of our acceptance by Hombu Dojo as a recognized association.

I feel we have accomplished much this year. We have established our administration of the association, made contact with other organizations, and have accepted new members. In short we are growing. We are also receiving inquiries about membership. Some of these inquiries are from individuals who are not yet fully acquainted with our requirements and are being evaluated carefully.

I would like to mention one thing. This is an organization which seeks to serve its members. If anyone has questions, concerns, or more importantly, ideas, please let us know. It is only by communicating with each other openly that we become a dynamic group. One of our goals should be the overall improvement of our association. It is through your participation that we can do that.

Thank you for your support this past 12 months.

Bill Witt

Last Update: November 25, 2003 2:24 PM
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