Aikido Arts Center Santa Fe Dojo Dedication a Huge Success

More than 60 aikidoka from around the world packed the 40 tatami Aikido Arts Center Santa Fe on March 5, 2006 to dedicate their new dojo.  Seven TAA Dojo Cho from around the USA were there to support the event along with their students as were Dojo Cho from other affiliations in New Mexico .

After an Buddhist “Eye-Opening” Ceremony, Bill Witt Shihan taught a detailed class on katadori iriminage including katadori menuchi and other variations.  One of the highlights of the class was Witt Shihan’s demonstration of what can happen if a technique is applied incorrectly.  He demonstrated the problem technique with Hans Goto Sensei as uke – Goto Sensei reversed the technique, and Witt Shihan took a huge high fall!

The class was followed by a huge potluck feast prepared by the Santa Fe students and their families.  Dojo Cho Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei shared his enthusiasm and vision with all and welcomed the dojo’s first uchideshi!  We wish Wolfgang Sensei and his students best wishes for the assured success of this new TAA dojo.