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 Aikido Shugyo Retreat with Tom Collings Sensei April 22 and 23, 2017 @ Aikido in Fredericksburg, VA
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    This seminar was introduced for Spring 2017 .

    Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba devoted hours each day to disciplines for calming and clearing the mind. Although he never insisted aikido students follow this path of inner development and purification, it was the essence of his budo. While Aikido today is exclusively throwing and pinning, O-Senseiís path of inner development remains available for any student to follow if they choose. This intensive seminar includes a variety of the breath, sound, and meditation disciplines which O-Sensei practiced. We will integrate them into regular aikido practice, and into our lives. Choose one or two days of silence and partial fasting to enhance quality of mind and depth of focus. Light snacks such as fuit and tea will be served in formal tea ceremony style. The training is open to beginning and advanced aikido students, as well as beginning and experienced meditators. There will be guidance and support for strengthening and deepening your meditation practice. During meditation periods students may sit seiza, or use pillows or chairs. Practice Leader: Training will be led by Tom Collings Sensei, Aikido 6th Dan. Tom Sensei has spent 40 years practicing monastic traditions, including study in Japan and China. He is author of the book SEARCHING FOR O-SENSEIóLearning and Living the Wisdom of the Warrior.

    Aikido in Fredericksburg 6155 Hickory Ridge Road Spotsylvania, VA 22551 United States
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    Saturday April 22, 2017 Sunday April 23, 2017
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