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 Bill Witt Shihan at Austin Iwama Aikido, 2015 Seminar
Summer 2015
July 31, 2015
Austin Iwama Aikido is proud to host a seminar with Bill Witt Shihan! Everybody is welcome to attend.

 Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei
Summer 2015
August 07, 2015
Aikido Arts Center is proud to be hosting Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei. Renzoku Waza: Taijutsu and Bukiwaza Riai

 Hoa Newens Sensei in Gothenburg Sep 2015
Fall 2015
September 05, 2015
Riai Aikido Dojo is proud to invite you to Newens Sensei seminar in Gothenburg. Take the opportunity to get inspired by a truly outstanding teacher! Register online at: http://www.riai.se/traning/lager/hoanewens_20150905.php

 Labor Day Gasshuku
Fall 2015
September 05, 2015
East Coast USA Iwama-Style Gasshuku.

 Fukushidoin Training Seminar
Fall 2015
September 26, 2015
Hans Goto Sensei, 7th dan TAA Certified Instructor Trainer, will conduct Fukushidoin Training. Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will have acquired the essential knowledge and information and core minimum skills to become effective assistant-instructors of Aikido. Note that in addition to completion of this course, there are training and teaching experience requirements to complete the TAA Fukushidoin certification. Open to all Yudansha, Nidan required to receive certification from Hombu Dojo.

 TAA Europe Germany
Fall 2015
October 09, 2015
4th almost annual TAA Europe Gasshuku at scenic Berlin Germany. Taijutsu, bukiwaza, and dan tests! Open to all levels of Aikidoka.

 Holiday Seminar and Dan Tests
Winter 2015
December 05, 2015
Join us for training in taijutsu and bukiwaza. Watch dan tests. Celebrate the holidays.